Our spacious and well-equipped studio has facilities for printmakers to work in an extensive range of printing techniques across different media. Processes available in the studio include: screen printing, relief (lino, wood, etc), etching (acids for steal, zinc, copper and aluminium), photopolymer processing, drypoint, mono print, engraving, letterpress and many more.

The Badger Press studio is used daily through open access and studio hire. The studio is available to experienced printmakers provided they are capable of working independently and have completed a studio induction with us.

The studio is well stocked with specialist paper, ink, lino block, metal & acrylic plate and various printmaking sundries that can be bought during your visit. All tools and equipment needed are available to use as part of open access, with studio users welcome to bring their own equipment if preferred.

Inside Badger Press Studio

Screen Printing

The Badger Press studio is well stocked in all equipment and consumables needed for screen printing. Screens are available in the studio for use during open access users with a mesh count of 90T at 60 x 70cm size (other sizes available). We can also supply/ sell new screens if you wish to purchase your own. The studio is well stocked with System 3 acrylic ink and medium and a continuous stock of pre-mixed UV Emulsion.

Equipment for screen printing includes: Screen Printing Vacuum Table 84x117cm, eight non-vacuum hinged screen bases 81x71cm, self-contained UV exposure unit 156x112cm, blackout screen drying cupboard, wash out both & Jet wash (screen cleaning/ stripping chemicals) and multiple Squeegees of different sizes.

Screen Printing a Badger Press


At the Badger Press we practice both traditional and contemporary Etching processes; with facilities and consumables for etching metals and photopolymer plates. The studio is equipped with a Hunter Penrose Etching Press/ Bed size 71×122 cm. Aquatint box/ coating area 80×55 cm. Paper soak/ 90×65 cm. Etching Trays (various sizes). Fume cupboard with extraction. 2 Heat Plates hard & soft ground. UV exposure unit for photopolymer plates / 156x112cm. We stock a range of plates for etching, including copper, zinc and steel and photopolymer. Acids available include Edinburgh etch, sulphate saline and nitric.

in the badger press studio


The studio is equipped with 2 galley proofing presses for relief printing with bed sizes 63x78cm and 33x55cm. We have a range of professional, artist quality, durathene rollers and inking surfaces. The studio uses Caligo Safe Wash (oil based) ink available.

We stock a comprehensive range of block materials at different sizes including traditional lino, softcut, polymer block and ply. Additional materials including wood engraving blocks can be ordered in on request.