The Badger Press is an open access print studio providing studio hire and training in all aspects of printmaking.

Established 1982, the Badger Press is a voluntary organisation run by Badger Arts CIC; a Community Interest Company & social enterprise. With our team of volunteers and visiting lecturers, our aim is to promote printmaking and support artists working in the region, through the use of our studio and equipment, guidance and training. The studio provides an inclusive programme of courses alongside a range of arts activities, studio hire for experienced printmakers, supply of printmaking materials, staff development for educational institutions and consultancy services.

We aim to support artistic excellence, creating opportunities for artists, Illustrators & designers. From the opportunity to work alongside likeminded individuals and groups, to facilitating exhibitions, creating studio projects and supporting our printmakers in the progression, promotion and sale of their work.

The Badger Press studio is spacious and well equipped with facilities for artists to produce prints in many fine art & traditional printmaking media. Processes include, screen printing, relief, etching, photopolymer processing, mono printing, engraving, letterpress and many other additional processes.

Badger Arts CIC
Company Number 07298458