In the summer of 2014, Badger Press had the pleasure of the company of artist Ray Anderson in the studio. Taking advantage of our accommodating open access Ray spent the best part of 6 weeks in the Badger Press studio producing a cast of exquisite screen printed portraits in his own very unique manner. Working directly onto the screen, dispensing ink with carefully pre-filled syringes, each print is produced as a monoprint. Ray’s work develops beyond these prints where he supports and complements each visual portrait with it’s own written prose. A very special character with plenty to show and tell, we’re all very much looking forward to having Ray back in the studio for many years to come.


A small selection of the readied and filled syringes, preparing for the action ahead.


Working with the filled syringes the drawing process begins.


The detail goes down and the portrait begins to take shape.


Empty spaces are filled with further ink in the final stages.


The monoprint is pulled.